Shakespeare's Winks
Shakespeare's Winks
escriba a Juan María Solare sobre su obra Shakespeare's Winks para flauta sola
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Copyright © Juan María Solare  2016, all rights reserved
Juan María Solare composer & pianist
Juan Maria Solare - composer and pianist. Foto: Lea Dietrich

Shakespeare's Winks

a word to the wise
three pieces for solo piccolo
or solo recorder
(or for any melodic instrument)
composer: Juan María Solare
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solo piccolo
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No la estoy ofreciendo aquí directamente como descarga gratuita de música, pero podemos negociar basados en una donación voluntaria del tipo "pague lo que quiera".
If you are interested in having the score of this piece for a possible performance, do drop me a line.
I am not offering it here directly as sheet music free download, but we can negotiate on an uncomplicated donation basis of the kind pay what you want.
1 - Puck's Pranks, 1:55
2 - Cesario's Trap, 2:20
3 - Mercutio's Puns, 3:00

Total Time: 7:15
Shakespeare's Winks

is a cycle of three short pieces
for solo
piccolo (or any other melodic instrument). These pieces are related to different Shakespeare's characters.

The musical language is deliberately tonal and accesible.
Shakespeare's Winks
album mix / audio reel
(the first 45 seconds of each track)
(piccolo: Cecilia Piehl)
complete recording
Sheet Music samples
1 - Puck's Pranks 2 - Cesario's Trap 3 - Mercutio's Puns